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2015 Sagittarius Forecast Translated – Career Luck

Sagittarius’ Career Luck

1st half of the year’s importance obvious, 2nd half fame & success

Workload remains high, divided into 1st half and 2nd half of the year.  The most obvious planet movement in the 1st half of 2015 is Saturn entering the first house (or the house of Self, representing physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings and initiatives), & that represents in terms of career that Sagittarius has got to assume full responsibility for the success (or failure) of a business, from now on, you cannot give excuses such as nobody recognizes your talent, being controlled by others, or being forced to take charge etc for the lack of business growth.  From now on, whatever problem is your own problem, you got to step forward bravely regardless of difficulty or danger to face all of the problems & not run away.  This sort of pressure towards Sagittarius’ career is more good than bad.  In comparison to the last 2 years‘ handling of all the miscellaneous nonsense or the feeling of trapped by unknown obstacles, at least now you can see the problem.  Even if the problem is caused by your own personality, as long as you can practise self-control, improve on your weaknesses, you will be able to see improvement & that will be very good progress in terms of your general luck.

Saturn will lead the Fire Element triangle, allowing you to be able to get closer to your dream position in terms of your work & career, increasing your opportunity to look good in front of others & the situation will lean towards what you want.  It is just like being recognised by people with opinion feels better than a promotion or your ideas get implemented & brought into play, makes one very excited & touched.  Saturn’s pressure is more like “only you know, so please take responsibility” or “to get trust, one must become more matured”.  Although it won’t be easy, but there will be a footprint with every step, each step is deep with conviction, your position is obtained purely through hard work, nothing to do with luck.

The luck in the 1st half of the year is beneficial for careers that is 2 years and above, as you are already steadily cultivating & you are familiar with how things work, thus you will be able to flourish.  And because the lucky stars are at the 9th house (or the house of philosophy which represents Foreign travel and foreign countries. Culture. Long distance travels and journeys. Religion. Law and ethics. Higher education. Knowledge. Experience through expansion) , which is related to anything foreign, thus you will easily get something related to overseas in your career, for example negotiating with foreigners, collaborations, communications, etc & have opportunity to be working overseas or have many opportunities to travel for work or be sent to be stationed overseas, or work includes many foreign elements etc, like importing foreign goods, flaunting internationalism, & all these are generally more beneficial than detrimental to Sagittarius.

Sagittarius can also try to get involved in publishing or connecting religion, philosophy & 文青elements.  You must be careful of any legal disputes, but the results of the law suit will clearly be beneficial for you, giving you the chance to get over it.  Sagittarius should also do some self-upgrading like attending class, getting a licence; be mentally prepared to give up freedom and accept responsibilities because it is necessary.  You may become a leader in certain fields or a opinion leader or a spiritual leader; such roles excite you & you will be like fish to water, shining with excellence.

Only those people who can understand & believe in you in the mind & spiritual way are the people who can help you in your career, thus in the 1st half of the year, you would be forced to make choices & sacrifices because you want to be yourself & invariably be unable to please everybody & offend people.  You cannot please everyone so you can only wave a cruel goodbye & work closely with people who identify with you.

January, Sagittarius will have a clear direction & may do anything & everything to get the money.  In January,  February & March, you will be focussed on earning money and internal issues.  In April, you will have an opportunity to perform well, gain the attention of the people who can help you & strive to reach the stage of the heroes.  It is recommended that Sagittarius to have the guts to rebel than to pretend to be what others wish you to be.  It is suitable to search for a job in May & you will have a great time with your colleagues at work, in turn becoming closer with them.  No harm taking this opportunity to repair your relationships with your colleagues.  You may also get control of some projects, get promoted, get involved in professional cases, thus making progress in your professional ability.  In July, you will see jobs related to people, the other party will communicate with you frequently, have meetings together, have discussions, have negotiations, you need to be on the call & you may feel oppressed because everything is about the other party.  It is recommended that Sagittarius to take good advice & take this opportunity to open a path for yourself.  July would also be the month where your finances meet with great dangers & opportunities as the amount earned & the amount lost are very big.  If you are the boss, your company may undergo a battle of life & death, while employees will get an opportunity to get famous overnight & you can only win & not allowed to lose, thus giving you a lot of pressure.  Or you may get cheated in your job.  After August, luck will improve.

In the 2nd half of the year, Jupiter enters 10th House on 8/11 & this is your position & status getting elevated.  All your hard work in the past bears fruit, or you win a prize, or you get promoted, you may get famous overnight, become a hero, or become the boss’ right hand man.  When they say very lucky in career luck, it is all about these things.

For Sagittarius bosses, your company’s status & reputation is important, there will be a lot of approvals from outside & many opportunities will come.  For Sagittarius employees, you will get along very well with senior officers, they will see your presence & discover your strengths, & value you, thus your position will rise.  You would also have promotion luck.  For Sagittarius who wish to start their own business, this is the time to open your company.  This is also the best time to recreate your image, transforming from a nobody to a somebody, & you will buy things to suit your new status, dressing up to fit the new image.  Or because you got promoted, it will make others respect you more, directly or indirectly getting that leverage in your image.

Unlike the freedom to do whatever you like in the first half of the year, please hold back in the 2nd half of the year.  In fields where the more respect is given to rules, the more the field is suitable for you.  If in the 1st half of the year, it is mainly about clearly revealing your unique individuality & making yourself well-known, then the 2nd half you can enter main stream companies, markets.  Although there are a lot of limitations, but there will be more benefits & your luck will ensure you deserve it.  Someone with the authority, traditional property or professionals, senior officers & the elder are all people who can help you; they will give you suggestions, pick & promote you & give you the platform but there are a lot of rules. You can take the opportunity to train yourself to be more steady, reveal your professionalism over smallest details, allowing people to discover your capabilities.

In the 2nd half of 2015, there is opportunity to get promoted and transferred to another department or get head-hunted, but take note from September to the 1st half of October, there will be changes, as there will be people secretly impeding you from doing things, deliberately complicate matters.  After that, the situation will stabilize & it will be the best time to change jobs.  If you wish to change jobs, try your best to choose an old & established company, or highlight your attentiveness & professionalism over the tiniest details, this will be your opportunity to promote yourself.  Because you are being recognized & valued, your job will be enjoyable.  As for relationships with your colleagues, you need to pay attention to June, July, August & September, as you will not notice other people’s opinion and accidentally offend people.