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10 Egg Recipes

Cool list of 10 egg recipes


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Curry Chicken Party

10 Russet Potatoes
1 big yam (ask for sang ones, soft and mushy after cooked)
1 whole chicken, cut into med size pieces (tell the chicken seller in the wet market to cut it up for you, chicken curry size, not too big and not too small.)
1 box of frozen chicken wings, defrosted

1. Peel and cut the the potatoes and yam in irregular shapes. Not too small or else it will disintegrate into the curry. Soak in salt water to prevent them from turning colour.

2. Steam the yam and potatoes for 10 min. Purpose of steaming is because we are using coconut milk in this recipe. If we cook the raw potatoes and yam in the curry later for a longer time, the coconut milk is likely to overcook and a yucky flavour will emit from the coconut oil forced out by the excessive heat.

3. Boil the chicken feet & wings for 15 minutes, keep the chicken stock.

4. Stirfry the curry paste with a little of the chicken stock, add the chicken feet, wings and chicken pieces to cook on medium flame.

5. When chicken is semi-cooked, add more chicken stock or water until it slightly covers the ingredients and cook for 20 minutes. In between, you can add the carnation milk. In the last 5 minutes, add the potatoes and yam to absorb the curry flavour.

6. Add coconut milk.

7. Add a little light soya sauce to taste.

8. Switch off the fire, move the pot to a cooler area, cover the pot and let the curry sit for 30 minutes to allow the chicken be fully cooked.

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Nyonya Curry Chap Chye

Today, Queen Z’s Chinese Opera singing class students are celebrating Mother’s Day with a potluck party, so Queen Z decided to make a Nyonya Curry Chap Chye for about 20 pax. Thus, my first recording of all her yummy foods shall start with this dish…


2               Small Round Cabbages (Kor Leh Chye); Cut into bite-size pieces

4               Large Russet Potatoes; Boiled, peeled and cut into large chunks (Small pieces will disintegrate into the curry)

5-6           Baby yam (approx 1 pkt); Boiled, peeled and cut into medium chunks

2               Carrots; peeled and cut into medium chunks

2 pkts     Small Tau Pok

1 pkt        Tau Kee Fish Paste Wraps; Air-Fried (or Fried) to Golden Brown & cut into large pieces

1 can       Carnation Evaporated Milk

1 pkt        Fresh Coconut Milk (400g net weight)

1 Tbsp    Vietnamese Pork Stock Powder (or 1 Chicken Stock cube)

1 Tbsp    Thai Fish Sauce

2 pkts     Tean’s Gourmet Malaysian Traditional Chicken Curry Paste


Salt to flavour


This paste is tried, tested & agreed by all people who tasted my mom’s curry to be super yummy and with the lovely Nyonya flavour, instead of the Indian inclined taste of many popular curry paste brands
image  2013-04-28 13.50.072013-04-28 13.50.382013-04-28 13.56.06


1. Fry curry paste in a pot at a high flame, then add 2 cups of water until it boils.

2. Add all the vegetables, tau pok & water to fill up about 3/4 of the pot or at least cover the ingredients and a bit more like as shown in the picture below.

2013-04-28 13.48.55

3. Cook until it boils, lower the flame to medium & cook for 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes, you can cut a small piece of the tau pok to taste if it has absorbed the curry flavour. If not, cook until the flavour is absorbed.

4. Add the evaporated milk and the fish wraps. Stir.

5. Switch off the flame & add the coconut milk. (Coconut milk cannot be cooked with a flame! Destroys the dish immediately!)

6. Serve!

Hope you enjoy Queen Z’s Nyonya Curry Chap Chye!