Protected: Tapping

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. Continue reading Protected: Tapping


What?! April Fool’s Over?

3.2 days have passed. Two nights at the casino. Done nothing much except reading… finishing the HK serial…feeling pissed with Nitty as usual. I should get back on track tomorrow since it is 8:40pm now. :p Oh yes, I ate my vits and went power walking/jogging last night.  It has been eons since I last jogged. Goodness gracious me. “One day” is a scary phrase. … Continue reading What?! April Fool’s Over?


Had a crazy dream last night. Literally crazy. Dreaming I had a screaming fit about what I can’t quite remember but surely stupid.  I was so tired when I woke up.  Maybe it was reading Sophie Kinsella’s book about a crazy shopaholic Rebecca.  The obsession energy is… consuming. Hai. _____________________________________________________________________________ Focus. Daily things that must be completed: Vits Morning Vits Afternoon Iron Night Vits Meds … Continue reading 29/3/13

What?! It’s March!? 3/1/13

“What?! It’s March??!!”, my brain screamed herself out of its sleeping-pill-induced grogginess. “Can’t believe times flies by so fast! We are going to Taiwan on the 17th of March!”, said the Empress Dowager… and my stuff are still uncompleted and ever growing. 5:27pm now and only did 1 task of doing up the name list for Auntie Maggie… yes… :p ______________________________________________________________ Focus. Daily things that … Continue reading What?! It’s March!? 3/1/13

Procrastinating Review 27/2/2013

Woke up at noon, went out for brunch and gamed until 4:06pm. 3 hours to settle in… try harder tomorrow. Let’s review what to do today… ______________________________________________________________ Focus. Daily things that must be completed: Vits  Morning Vits  Completed   Afternoon Iron    Completed  Night Vits                   Meds Morning Meds, Completed  Afternoon Meds Dermovate Cream   Exercise Dice Decision: Gym … but … Continue reading Procrastinating Review 27/2/2013

Procrastinating Review 26/2/2013

3 days now. After 1 comes 2, then 3. Subtly, you have skipped blogging and keeping track of your diet for there days. In fact, you have already lost track on Friday… 50+ hours of wasting away… Candy crushing endlessly… Munching munching fervently… Puking and puking ferociously… Killing my life so ever subtly… Wrote this in the early hours of 26th Feb in bed, but … Continue reading Procrastinating Review 26/2/2013