Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Today is Mummy’s birthday and we went to Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine at Marina Bay Sands to celebrate. Roasted Pork ($12)… the meat was a bit stinky… disappointed. OMG, this $78 Peking Duck is the best Peking Duck I ever had in Singapore! The wrapper actually have amazing texture conplimenting the exceptionally crispy skin! Not to mention the duck meat is tender! Excellent control … Continue reading Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine


Anal: You are extremely competent in writing letters an adequate composer of literary communication tools that demonstrates your absolute lack of analytical skills explempifying the consistent inactivity of analytical brain synapses between your ears while accomplishing the goals of effectively paradoxically displaying your innate skill in demoralizing, demeaning and denigrating subordinates the target audience.  Interestingly diverse – is the apt descriptor for your difference in literary, somatic & aural communications on the same subject. A clear example would be redundant preaching of  professionalism & respect while writing and behaving clearly otherwise.

Your challenged understanding the dynamics of the company you have worked for 3-4 years clearly shows your lack of interest and respect in this HR & administration job for this profession.  Your inability to manage the company with Thy Onerous Tyranny clearly indicates you two are not meant to work together in a professional relationship, further inplicating other dimensions of the relationship between the two of you.
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Shopping Madness

$720.00     Happyland Bonbons (Because it rained so heavily, I “had to” go Guardian Pharmacy to shop…) $  64.90     Backjoy Posture $  28.00     Acitizen Foot Mask Masque Exfoliant a Aloés des Barbades $   9.90      Antinois Earplugs for Superman $ 11.30      Pillcutter and 7-day pill reminder box for Superman $ 25.00     Oppo Gel Bunion Sleeve $ 16.49     Garnier BB Eye Roll-on $ 13.95     Dove Damage Therapy Intense … Continue reading Shopping Madness