Personal Note: Apps and Web Tools to build a team

Trello -can communicate with your team on individual cards and tag other users. Open a card to share files, post links to content or documents on Google Drive, and set deadlines. Enable notifications if you want to receive an alert when a deadline is approaching. Evernote is an app that allows you to organize content into notebooks, within which you have individual notes. You can … Continue reading Personal Note: Apps and Web Tools to build a team

Daily Visualization

Secret of the Lake Everything is created twice; first in the mind, second in reality. Thus, to make remarkable improvements to your outer world, you must start from within and change the calibre of your thoughts.  This is a highly effective method to transform your desires into reality & it will work for anyone. Understand once and for all, your mind has magnetic power to … Continue reading Daily Visualization

Greece Trip Comparison

Criteria: 6/6/15 Performance C&E Holidays:  Hotel Adult (Twin)  Flight 4 Star Hotel ( 10/04 – 10/06 ) (29/09-20/10 ) 1,138.00  10/4/15-18/4/15: $1517= $265515/4/15-26/4/15: $1001 + 167+208 =$2154 (PLUS WV Voluntour) 4 Star Hotel ( 11/06 – 03/07 ) ( 15/ 09 – 28/09 ) 1,285.00 4 Star Hotel ( 04/07 – 21/07 ) ( 25/08 – 14/09 ) 1,430.00 4 Star Hotel ( 22/07 – … Continue reading Greece Trip Comparison

2015 Sagittarius Forecast Translated – Career Luck

Sagittarius’ Career Luck 1st half of the year’s importance obvious, 2nd half fame & success Workload remains high, divided into 1st half and 2nd half of the year.  The most obvious planet movement in the 1st half of 2015 is Saturn entering the first house (or the house of Self, representing physical appearance, traits and characteristics. First impressions. General outlook into the world. Ego. Beginnings … Continue reading 2015 Sagittarius Forecast Translated – Career Luck


下颏 [xiàkē] 1. noun chin 叔叔的下颏上有一颗痣。 My uncle has a mole on his chin.  蕊 [ruǐ] 1. noun [Botany] stamen; pistil 茹 [rú] 1. verb [Literary] eat 2. verb [Literary] bear 3. noun [Literary] vegetables 4. adjective stink 5. noun a surname Contemporary Standard Chinese Dictionary (1 result) 茹 [rú] 1. 动 吃;吞咽 茹素 含辛茹苦 茹毛饮血。 枭 [xiāo] 1. noun a night bird, an owl 2. noun someone who smuggles 3. adjective to be brave and have courage 枭 [xiāo] 1. 名 鸮。 2. 动 [文] (把砍下的人头)悬挂起来 枭首。 3. 形 [文] 强悍;不驯服 枭雄。 4. 名 违法集团的首领 毒枭。 匪枭。 5. 名 旧时指违反禁令私贩食盐的人 盐枭。 私枭。 粪箕子 [fènjīzi] 1. noun A dustpan with a hoop handle which is used to hold manure. Made of rattan whips or bamboostrips. 他提粪箕子下地,帮助大人们往地里施肥。 He carried the manure scoop to the field to help the adults fertilize the field.  霄 [xiāo] 1. noun blue clouds 2. noun the … Continue reading 字幕学新词

Surtitles Learnings

封妻荫子 [fēngqīyìnzǐ] 1. [Old-fashioned] to get one’s wife and children rewarded by heritage; win a noble position for oneself andfor one’s wife and leave it to one’s posterity 浊浪 [zhuólàng] 1. noun Turbulent and muddy water. 百年一遇的洪水吞没了这个县城,到处浊浪滔滔。 A flood, the first in nearly one hundred years, has engulfed the county with muddy waves.  怙恃 [hùshì] 1. verb [文言] To depend on; to count on. 你们不能怙恃权势就为所欲为,小心遭报应。 You can’t do as you want relying on power, or you may invite a nemesis. 2. noun It’s recorded in Shijing (the Book of Songs) that “无父何怙,无母何恃” which means “who can one depend on without one’s parents?” Later used to refer to one’s parents. 怙恃不在家时,你要学会自己照顾自己。 When your parents are not at home, you should learn to take care of yourself. 碌碌无能 [lùlùwúnéng]  [成语] commonplace; lacking in ability; incompetent; mediocre   敛财 [liǎncái] 1. verb to accumulate wealth by illegal ways 尘世 [chénshì] 1. noun [Religion] this world; this mortal life; the mundane world 虱 [shī] 1. noun louse             Continue reading Surtitles Learnings