I’m a compulsive, obsessive… a neurotic basically…

for love, for passion,

for food, for beauty,

for joy, for depression,

for freedom, for order,

for power, for surrender.

Conflicting desires… which makes me quite me.

The song Primadonna   http://grooveshark.com/s/Primadonna/4BIWYU?src=5 describes me perfectly.

A lot of people stereotyped me to be a unromantic power crazy piece of fat meat just because there is a lack for pretty clothes for big girls.

Now that I have taken the first step to conquer my compulsive habits by doing a gastric sleeve, I shall start to open my path to my lost youth that I was deprived.  I also love make more friends & to learn more about the challenges people face in life, so I can learn from the process.  So, feel free to email me cusingapore@gmail.com

Now let’s Rock!!!  http://grooveshark.com/s/Party+Rock+Anthem/3TyTz9?src=5

1st December 2011: 92

1st February 2012: 88

4th July 2012: 80.6

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