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Personal Note: Apps and Web Tools to build a team

  1. Trello -can communicate with your team on individual cards and tag other users. Open a card to share files, post links to content or documents on Google Drive, and set deadlines. Enable notifications if you want to receive an alert when a deadline is approaching.
  2. Evernote is an app that allows you to organize content into notebooks, within which you have individual notes. You can add text, images, and files to notes and share them with other users.
  3. Slack (Only free for a small team)
  4. Any.Do
  5. Google Drive-can leave notes and comments, and tag specific users to bring their attention to something.

    -can use track changes to see who is making what edits within the document.

    – can also be used as a scheduling tool. Create a schedule showing when content/posts are due or to be published (or both), who’s responsible, and what the projects are. You can customize this schedule to fit your needs, including sections that highlight keywords to be used, what platforms the content will be shared on, and more.


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