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Daily Visualization

Secret of the Lake

Everything is created twice; first in the mind, second in reality. Thus, to make remarkable improvements to your outer world, you must start from within and change the calibre of your thoughts.  This is a highly effective method to transform your desires into reality & it will work for anyone. Understand once and for all, your mind has magnetic power to attract all that you desire in your life.  If there is a lack in your life, that is because there is a lack in your thoughts.

  • Wake up at 4am
  • Go to a quiet place, shut the door, hold all calls & close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and envision your dreams becoming a reality, visualize mental pictures of all you want to be, to have and to attain in your life.
    • I am a slim, beautiful, youthful & freckle-free woman with snow-white skin, acting and performing on stage & doing voice-overs.
    • I am a confident and beautiful leader, inspiring thousands & thousands to seek financial freedom through World Ventures and Maione.
    • I am a successful entrepreneur, selling server systems and IT repair services, and beautiful costume jewellery to the masses and to re-sellers.
    • I do not eat carbs and sugars except for birthdays and very special occasions, and I love exercising everyday, building up my body to be toned and svelte, and free of pains.
    • I keep to a strict diet of 1500 calories a day according to the LCHF diet.
    • I do not drink cold drinks, or soft drinks like Coke, even if it has no calories.  My only indulgence is carbonated water.
    • I love eating vegetables and fish.
    • I hate very spicy and very sour and high sugar foods.
    • I love plain filtered water & bullet proof coffee!

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