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黄金虾枣 Hey Zor

300g deshelled and devined prawns
210g Minced pork (not too lean)
120g water chestnuts ard 8 pcs
30g or 1 onion
30g Coriander leaves
2 flat tbsp white pepper
1 flat tbsp five spice powder
2 tsp of white sugar
1 tbsp of light soya sauce
1 tbsp of garlic powder
2 tbsp of sesame oil
3 tbsp of flour
Dry beancurd skin, wiped with a clean wet cloth to remove the excess salt

Mince prawn then add pork to mix.
Chop onion, water chestnut.
Finely chop coriander leaves.
Mix all seasonings in with 3 tbsp of water and flour.
Wrap into small pillows with the bean curd skin. Use a little flour mixed with water as glue.

Choose either steam for 15 minutes or use a air fryer to cook at 180 degrees for 10 min or fry until golden brown. If you are making in advance, steam it. You can fry it when you want it later.




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