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Meaning to My Life

I watched a clip today on Youtube by fitlifetv about finding Meaning in Life and it mentioned of doing 30 min of what brings me happiness everyday.  To be honest… what really brings me happiness in life. I just dug out my Productivity Compass Report I did in 2006… I am a Zone Four –

where “Enable – empower – support” range of engagements are those which the individual will be optimally productive and useful to others by being supportive, available and affect change in another or others. Individuals endowed with this natural zone are likely to  ensure they stand by another – by being supportive, encouraging and motivating them to grow, develop and become stronger.

Implications: Lee will be optimally productive in activities that are in alignment with this primary function. Individuals functioning in the area of their natural zone will be able to deliver superior results and demonstrate sustained peak performance. 

Lee’s Key Driver which represents her most pronounced natural aptitude is:

The aptitude to create, innovate or improvise (to make an impact and affect change)    (An Action Orientation)

Definition: An individual’s Key Driver represents the most pronounced natural aptitude embedded in the person. It defines the optimal capacity for effectiveness the person is innately endowed with. It is the principal source of inexhaustible energy resident in the person which when harnessed, honed and refined, enables the person to produce extraordinary results.

Implications: Lee will be most effective and energized when she is required to give expression to this principal strength. Whenever the job or role primarily requires engaging this innate capability in her, she will demonstrate an edge and effectiveness that will surpass expectations. This aptitude has an “action” (thinking) orientation and hence she will be in “flow” in situations that have much to do with creating, improvising, playing impromptu roles, coming up with a new idea or perspective, etc. As a corollary she will be less engaged in roles that primarily require much of abstraction orientation (thinking) or emotion orientation (feeling).

1. Where will Lee be most productive1 and function optimally?

1. To Enable and Equip

(The capacity to make another strong and provide what they need to grow wings and fly)

Work for you:  Making another stronger, better etc.  Tutoring and coaching, providing them with resources that is needed to make them feel better.

Work against you:  Disable someone by making them feel weak or useless, will be attracted toward those who are weak and will require a balance, will be reluctant to seek enablement for oneself

2. To inspire and initiate

(The capacity to initiate or begin something by motivating, influencing and spurring another)

Work for you:  Start and introduce new things, given to inspirational thoughts and writings, stir and spur someone to take action, lift up people’s spirits

Work against you:  Demoralize someone, will struggle to bring the task to completion, will be pressured by working toward deadlines

3. To Empower and motivate

(The capacity to move another to action by coaching, counseling and encouraging another)

Work for you:  Encourage and cheerlead someone or others to perform, induce a positive mood, instill a can-do spirit

Work against you: Making them feel powerless and deeming them as failures, withdrawing your supportive contribution

4. Being flexible and adaptable

(The capacity to change, alter and ensure becoming relevant and suitable to the context)

Work for you:  Blend into any environment, good in learning other languages, cultures, norms and in picking up accents, good in cross cultural contexts, prone to becoming precocious

Work against you:  Will be termed as a ‘chameleon’-changing colors according to the contexts, can question the definition of your true self and as a result experience confusion and frustration

5. To collaborate and facilitate

(The capacity to facilitatively work with another as a peer to jointly accomplish a task or endeavor)

Work for you:  Will be participative and be committed to playing your part along side another, will ensure the arrangements are conducive, will be a team player and will pitch in to share in the responsibilities, will seek to make things easier for another

Work against you:  Will loath working alone all the time, can become a part of something that is wrong but will create the illusion that they are not actually carrying out the wrong deed, will loath hierarchy and will prefer a flat structure where everyone is an equal each doing their part

6. Maximizing and multi-tasking

(The capacity to engage in several tasks or endeavors simultaneously and attempt to secure the most mileage from it)

Work for you:  Stretch resources, operate on a shoe string budget, get the most mileage, attend to different tasks at one time, can zoom in and out of a variety of tasks in one day

Work against you:  Mismanagement of time and resources, short attention span and difficulty to bring the task to completion

7. To function as a catalyst and change agent

(The capacity to make proactively effect change and facilitate realization of a goal or objective)

Work for you:  Will seek to induce changes, will look for changes, will be good in effecting a stimulus and receiving a desired response, there will never be a dull moment, will be characterized as being dynamic and never static or status quo, will be a nonconformist

Work against you:  Will loath routine and sameness, will get frustrated in the absence of a response- cannot stand being stone walled, can be deemed as a rebel who constantly seeks to change the prevalent norms

8. An appetitie for variety and experiential engagement

(The capacity to savor and engage in a wide spectrum of engagements and appreciate them on an experiential basis)

Work for you:  Will seek to introduce something new and different, will creatively explore and introduce that which is new, will have to immerse yourself in an activity to experience it first hand

Work against you:  Succor for novelty and new experiences, can be tossed to and fro by anything that is new and different, can come across as having no backbone or a mind of your own, some experiences can be dangerous or morally incorrect and you can easily give into experimenting the experience

9. Environment  sensitive and emphasis on ambience

(The capacity to be sensitive to arrangements and aesthetics to facilitate a context or situation to function optimally)

Work for you: Will sense the conduciveness of the environment, will be drawn toward environmental issues such as pollution, cleanliness, green peace etc.  Will lay emphasis on the place and setting that will enhance positive feelings

Work against you:

10. Supportive and people oriented

(The capacity to relate supportively with others in a team and to focus more on the people interface than merely accomplishing a task )




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