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Had a crazy dream last night. Literally crazy. Dreaming I had a screaming fit about what I can’t quite remember but surely stupid.  I was so tired when I woke up.  Maybe it was reading Sophie Kinsella’s book about a crazy shopaholic Rebecca.  The obsession energy is… consuming. Hai.

Daily things that must be completed:
Morning Vits
Afternoon Iron
Night Vits

Morning Meds
Afternoon Meds
Nasal Spray & Dermovate Cream

Thigh Cream

Exercise:     Dice Decision: Nothing or X-Box Sigh…



Oral Care

Facial, Toning, Mask, Moisturising

Mantra Recitation by the balcony

Creative Scribblings 
Food Tracking : 2:19pm 
 4 servings of rice = 4/8 carbs
6 matchboxes of curry chicken wings, pork + 2 matchboxes of braised pork belly = 8/8 protein
0.5 cup of cabbage + 1 cup of mushrooms and choy sum = 1.5 / 2 veges 
 4 lychees + 1 pear = 2/2 servings of fruits

Areas that need work:
Thau Yong (Monday)

Do Thau Yong Closure 2011; Ask Ms Chua when to expect a reply

Do Thau Yong Introduction Awaiting for their review of the draft 1

Work towards planning the annual performance & funding now

Make appointment to meet Carol and Peiyun

Apply for Lotus Festival

Check on

ITconsult (Tuesday)
Brochure Draft 1 completed; awaiting further discussion with Nico
Magnet supplier:  Completed Stage 1 5:26pm Waiting reply…  Asked for 2 quotations, BPM to follow up with another quote and others requests like a laptop shape…
Online advert about Mercury Retrograde
Collate the bank statements & papers
Maintenance Package Discussion

Nompets (Wednesday)

Temporary Closure of Nompets project with Ben Team… must inform them in … April.

April Guests Preparation (Thursday)
1. Universal Studios Price Checking    

  •  15% discount $63 per adult  (Can wait until they reach to order)

Self (Saturday)

Review my Jesse Tang again and update my Monthly Diary

Free & Easy (Friday, Sunday)

(Idea: Everytime I do Leg, I should do up the voiceover and graphics for that exercise instead of endless words which I hate.)

See doctor for inner thighs


No. of Pomos available today:

Procrastinators’ Favourite Top 10 Excuses

√ 10. I need time to think it through before I get started.

√ 9. I’ll never have enough time to just have fun. I’ll enjoy now & start later.

√ 8. I need to get organized before I start! [ First task of the day, should be blogging what to do today; as soon as I wake up.]

√ 7. This is too hard!

√ 6.  I’m not in the mood!

√ 5. I will go ahead & eat this, I will start my diet tomorrow [Every time when I decide to start a new diet]

√ 4. I have other things to do first.

√ 3. I’m too tired to start this now!

√ 2. I have plenty of time! [I’m being delusional. I have tons of work uncompleted.]

√ 1. I work best under pressure [Almost ensures the work never gets completed or completed poorly]

Let’s wait for Prince BPM


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