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A scribble a day – My 1st attempt

Decided to write a short paragraph every time I learnt a new or forgotten word… how is my first attempt?

Staring at his bright yellow espadrilles from afar, my heart fluttered… no… thumped with envy & excitement… With a soft white cotton shirt barely hiding his muscular broad shoulders and a pair of powder pink capri pants, he carried off those girl-attracting colours with full animal masculinity… Needless to say, he is surrounded by a bunch of immaculate girls attempting to look superciliously posh to others yet blushingly cute while joshing in front of this Asian Adonis.

Tino Ang is the honcho of this private party in the fabulous suburbia by the East Coast and me? I’m just the clumsy barista cum waitress cum cleaner cum owner of the tiny little cafe Jav’s Loft, invited to this fancy party in his nearby family mansion.

How did he get to know me?  He’s a regular at my cafe, doodling away of his creative thoughts almost every weekday morning 6 months ago.

Wistfully dreaming of having that light & lithe body like those princess doll-faces around him, I started to make myself useful by cutting up his favourite chocolate & cream pie which I brought along to the party when some stupid girls suddenly screamed by my ear.  The next thing I know, the chocolate & cream are sliding down my face and my brand-new peach silk vest.  It was all quiet and everybody stared at this chocolate flavoured fool.  Another snapshot of foolishness dumped into my Internal Depository of Uselessness.  The world spun around me in embarrassment; I swear I heard evil tittering somewhere near where Tino was standing when I suddenly felt a warm large hand grabbed my hand leading me into the mansion…



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