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Procrastinating Review 26/2/2013

3 days now. After 1 comes 2, then 3. Subtly, you have skipped blogging and keeping track of your diet for there days. In fact, you have already lost track on Friday…
50+ hours of wasting away…
Candy crushing endlessly…
Munching munching fervently…
Puking and puking ferociously…
Killing my life so ever subtly…

Wrote this in the early hours of 26th Feb in bed, but posted that accidentally into page.

Reading thru my blogs… today is officially the 4th day I did not monitor my progress.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Today is Tuesday.

Perhaps this is the worst part about me and consistency; I just lapse there and let everything flow pass me like drifting leaves on a live stream… with background music and a lovely view for company, anything and everything urgent floats around languidly further and further away from me.

I have to constantly remind myself and watch myself… let’s take a Garchen Rinpoche book and see if he has a line for me…

27. To bodhisattvas who desire the pleasure of virtue, all those who harm are like a precious treasure. Therefore, cultivating patience devoid of hostility is the bodhisattvas’ practice. 

Addressing my current frustration into his holiness’ words in the book, it should go like this…

“When I fail to perform, bringing about difficulties, pain and trouble, I must refrain from speaking, replying or reacting negatively. I instinctively lash out and this comes from my anger. If I could remain calm, my anger will subside.  Getting angry, damages my Bodhicitta.  The reward from not reacting negatively is not visible; the reward is Bodhicitta and I must diligently guard my Bodhicitta life after life until I become Buddha.  When myself or others harm me, I must use the immense power of loving kindness & compassion to subdue my anger.  If I can subdue those hatred thoughts, my Bodhicitta mind will become stronger and stronger… So each time when someone/something hurts me, I can ensure and again develop my practice in bodhicitta…”

To be very honest, with the review system last week, I have done something; a lot more than nothing in 7 days; a lot more than the past 1 year I had wasted.

Even though I had let slip of 4 days… while laying in denial and guilt, I managed to pop some vitamins, scrub & care for my pitiful skin and did at least some leg exercises on bed by Sunday.

Diligence was never my forte and to be able to re-direct myself back on track is already the best corrective action I can do for myself.  I shouldn’t expect miracles and beat myself up for not succeeding immediately.

Food for thought… “Joyful endurance while undergoing pain & suffering”

Should ask Dorzin when he is free…

Ok Self-review for today & see what else I can finish before the day ends. Attempt to manage my work in a Type A mentality.



Daily things that must be completed:


  1.  Morning Vits  Completed 
  2.  Afternoon Iron    Completed 
  3. Night Vits                  


  1. Morning Meds, Completed 
  2. Afternoon Meds Completed 
  3. Dermovate Cream  completed 


  • Dice Decision: Legs



Oral Care

Facial, Toning, Mask, Moisturising

Mantra Recitation by the balcony

Areas that need work: 

Thau Yong (Monday)

  1. Do Thau Yong Closure 2012
  2. Check appt for Peters
  3. Check Golden Theatre
  4. Do Thau Yong Introduction 
  5.  Work towards planning the annual performance & funding now

ITconsult (Tuesday)

Nompets (Wednesday)

1. Collate the bank statements & papers

2. Marketing proposal for Nom (Total Pomo used: 4 pomo)

3. Storyboard 1 (Estimate 10 Pomo; Total Pomo Used: 1 pomo)

4. Storyboard 2

5. Storyboard 3

  • Exercise 1: Sarp Asana  (Total Pomo used:  2 pomo)
  • Exercise 2
  • Exercise 3
  • Exercise 4
  • Exercise 5
  • Exercise 6
  • Exercise 7
  • Exercise 8

6. Exercise Selection

7. Review app & note changes

Taiwan Trip (Thursday)

Self (Saturday)

Free & Easy (Friday, Sunday)

No. of Pomos available today: 0


Procrastinators’ Favourite Top 10 Excuses

√ 10. I need time to think it through before I get started. 

√ 9. I’ll never have enough time to just have fun. I’ll celebrate tonight & start later. 

√ 8. I need to get organized before I start! [ First task of the day, should be blogging what to do today; as soon as I wake up.]

√ 7. This is too hard! 

√ 6.  I’m not in the mood! 

√ 5. I will go ahead & eat this, I will start my diet tomorrow [Every time when I decide to start a new diet]

√ 4. I have other things to do first. 

√ 3. I’m too tired to start this now! [I never do anything to make myself fresh to do this particular task]

√ 2. I have plenty of time! [I’m being delusional. I have tons of work uncompleted.]

√ 1. I work best under pressure [Almost ensures the work never gets completed or completed poorly]


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