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Procrastinating Review 19/2/2013

Woke up at 6:30am but doodled around until 10:30am… Reviewing thru yesterday’s post, I forgot to eat my night vits, no exercise and facial routine. But did did the mould removal research, shop for my cable wires & booked a dinner buffet for Thau Yong’s Friday night CNY gathering…


Daily things that must be completed:


  1.  Morning Vits, completed @ 10.20 am
  2.  Afternoon Iron
  3. Night Vits                  


  1. Morning Meds, completed @ 10.20 am
  2. Afternoon Meds


  • Dice Decision: Wii (Ask Nico for assistance to connect Wii and X-Box together)

Lumosity  Completed half way thru blogging. Try to focus better today.

Oral Care


Areas that need work: 

Thau Yong (Monday)

  1. Collect the file for Thau Yong Closure accounts
  2. Do Thau Yong Closure
  3. (Optional) Do Thau Yong Introduction 
  4. (Optional) Work towards planning the annual performance & funding now
  5. Book Dinner Buffet for Thau Yong’s Friday night

Nompets (Wednesday)

ITconsult (Tuesday)

1. Collate the bank statements & papers

2. Marketing proposal for Nom

3. Storyboard 1

4. Storyboard 2

5. Storyboard 3

6. Exercise Selection

Taiwan Trip (Thursday)

Self (Saturday)

Free & Easy (Friday, Sunday)

No. of Pomos available today: 16

11:30 am – 1:30pm (4), 2pm – 4pm (4) 4:30pm – 5:30pm (2), 6pm – 8pm (4) 8:30pm – 9:30p,(2)

11:52am: Was supposed to start at 11:30am but ended up playing games and reading FB feeds.  Must try to curb.

Procrastinators’ Favourite Top 10 Excuses

√ 10. I need time to think it through before I get started. 

√ 9. I’ll never have enough time to just have fun. I’ll celebrate tonight & start later. 

√ 8. I need to get organized before I start! [ First task of the day, should be blogging what to do today; as soon as I wake up.]

√ 7. This is too hard! [ Blogging when I wanna procrastinate seems to be rather useful in making me focus, be consistent to do this daily, instead of heading to Sims Social and Candy Crush Saga]

√ 6.  I’m not in the mood! [WTF, always]

√ 5. I will go ahead & eat this, I will start my diet tomorrow [Every time when I decide to start a new diet]

√ 4. I have other things to do first. 

√ 3. I’m too tired to start this now! [I never do anything to make myself fresh to do this particular task]

√ 2. I have plenty of time! [I’m being delusional. I have tons of work uncompleted.]

√ 1. I work best under pressure [Almost ensures the work never gets completed or completed poorly]


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