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Problem-Solving & Speed

Why am I so poor in Problem-Solving & Speed in lumosity?

Is it because I cannot see a few steps ahead? I thought I can see many steps ahead due to my condition, but it seems that I can’t even identify clearer the steps in between and what is the exact thing I am going after. 

Macro unclear

Micro complete darkness.

Worst of all, I take my own sweet time. 

Is it my vitamins or my lifestyle? 

I am really lagging in all aspects of my life except for gaming.  Even in the perspective of gaming, I am playing in the most rudimentary method. What I see now, I play. Zero pre-planning. 

How can I work around this? 

Fix an area to fix by day. After every 25 min then I can either read my comic or play facebook. Book only 1 chapter. Game, only 15 energy or 1 task. 

Daily things that must be completed:





Oral Care


Areas that need work: 

Thau Yong (Monday)

Nompets (Wednesday)

ITconsult (Tuesday)

Taiwan Trip (Thursday)

Self (Saturday)

Free & Easy (Friday, Sunday)

Good. Today is Self day. Let’s start with my daily tasks and end with a nice long bath in the loo & picking up my mobile phone from Samsung later. 


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