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Mood Tracker – Week 23/12/12

Average Mood Meter:  6.75

Reasons for High:

  1. Going out to have fun (small party of 5-6)
  2. Baby won loads
  3. Great to know I need not do dental fillings since 2003
  4. Chilling out at places with a great ambience
  5. Constructive Meeting with Partner Baby
  6. Face to Face Constructive Business Meeting/Communication with the outside world with purpose
  7. Home Party (Impromptu)
  8. Constructive improvement in understanding by Baby

Causes for Medium Ratings:

1. Caught Self lazing & at least attempted to resolve it

Causes for Low Ratings:

  1. Baby not following rules
  2. Helper being silly repeatedly
  3. Not doing my work efficiently
  4. Unable to go out to work

Common Influences:


Significant Other


Hard Problems


Coffee/Meds Intake

Weight Gain





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