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Excuse Reporting for Overcoming P

What’s the excuse today? “-“s


1. I have so much to do that I do not know what should I do next… so I play the Sims Social.

√ 7. This is too hard!


1. I don’t feel like doing. No mood. [In case you have not realized, the meeting is tomorrow at 1 pm. You thought of eating fish oil and coffee just now. Why not take action and see? 23 hours & 30 min countdown. No mood also need to do. This is for our future.]

√ 6.  I’m not in the mood!

Procrastinators’ Favourite Top 10 Excuses

√ 10. I need time to think it through before I get started. [Take too long to ponder]

√ 9. I’ll never have enough time to just have fun. I’ll celebrate tonight & start later.

√ 8. I need to get organized before I start! [Think of wanting to organise my computer files every year when I prepare the funding application, false hope that at least I am accomplishing something & everything except the task on hand]

√ 7. This is too hard! [I always get hurt when I exercise over-regularly or too long; It is such a chore to keep track of my accounts]

√ 6.  I’m not in the mood! [WTF, always]

√ 5. I will go ahead & eat this, I will start my diet tomorrow [Every time when I decide to start a new diet]

√ 4. I have other things to do first. [Internal disruptions; new tasks popping out while supposed to do something]

√ 3. I’m too tired to start this now! [I never do anything to make myself fresh to do this particular task]

√ 2. I have plenty of time! [I still have 1 month… 2 weeks left…tomorrow! Procrastination peaks in the age of middle to late 20s, decreases for the next 40 years & increases again in the 60s]

√ 1. I work best under pressure [Almost ensures the work never gets completed or completed poorly]

To-Do List 2

Review all the excuses you have listed in Chapter 1. Challenge each excuse of why each excuse is not valid.

What excuses have you used for not completing/starting the projects listed?

1. I’m sick; I’m tired; I want to watch TV or play FB games; Later! (But later never comes); Don’t feel like exercising

  • Excuse #3: I’m too tired to start this now! [But I never rest properly even after seeing the doctor, or eat my meds on time, but say my brain is malfunctioning to do work, but can play FB games.]
  • Excuse #6: I’m not in the mood! [You are never in the mood for work or exercise but always in the mood for useless activities; might as well rot to death lor.]

2. Tomorrow; Let me plan something first; Maybe the marketing proposal first; Where’s the marketing kit?

  • Excuse #1: I need time to think it through before I get started. [After taking months to do Jiang Chek’s application proposal, it became a shit job & no time to perfect it. Do something now & perfect on the way lah!!!!]
  • Excuse #4: I have other things to do first. [If that is part of the job role then list it down in Pomo Activity list and complete the original task’s draft $ slot in another Pomo 20 to perfect it later.]

3. I am working full time, so tired!

  • Excuse #3. I’m too tired to start this now! [If I have promised to do I have to do it. If I can’t have enough time to perform then the more I should not promise others to do or delegate the job to someone else. Kaypoh nice is unprofessional!]

  Procrastination can seem like a harmless habit but it has negative and sometimes long-lasting consequences. – Larry Koenig


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