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Birthday Depression Syndrome & S.A.D.

I think I hate my birthday and Christmas every year.

In a way that should be what they call Birthday Depression & Seasonal Affective Depression.

Let’s see if this article can help me.

Tip #2- Wintertime Birthdays Can Naturally Be Harder 
No matter how young or old you are in years, if your birthday falls during the winter months, your depression can be caused by the season instead of your age. People who suffer from SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder- find themselves feeling blue because of the shorter days and the lower amount of sunlight the winter brings. So, maybe it’s not really your birthday that’s bumming you out. It could be that you suffer from SAD.

Treatments to help you deal with the depression SAD causes includes light therapy, antidepressants, and/or counseling. Talk to your healthcare professional if you think you have this wintertime problem.

I just popped a Zoloft and Xanax. (So I guess I can’t drink alcohol tonight.) 

The Doctor’s wife said since I’ve already dropped my mobile phone into the tub of hot water, the bad thing that always happen around my birthday is over. I should be happy now. 

As for light therapy… where can I get therapy that involves light… Do the IPL for my skin? (Go Guardian Pharmacy and get one of those IPL treatment things?  Not sure if it even works. Go to some Beauty Salon for some facial treatment of some kind? or Helena? Or Groupon?)

Tip #3- It’s Not the Age, It’s the Expectations 
According to society, your birthday is supposed to be a “perfect celebration”, just like Christmas Day. It’s supposed to be a special day when your family and friends shower you with gifts, attention and surprises. While that’s a nice thought, it doesn’t always happen that way in reality. Hectic day-to-day living and lack of finances can prevent your family and friends from giving you an all-out celebration.

To deal with your birthday depression, keep in mind that the day will be what you make it. Decide on how you would like to spend your special day. Maybe you’d like to go out to dinner with your significant other, take a one-tank trip to another town, go skiing, dancing or another favourite activity. Plan your activities for the day and share those plans with the people you want to spend the day with.

Eat. Bye. Going off got supper now.


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