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Annual New Learnings from Chinese Opera Surtitles Translations

2012: Marriage Mayhem!!! 


Who is Pan An 潘安?


In short, Pan An is the Adonis & a literatus from the Western Jin Dynasty (265–316 AD).


簪缨 [zān yīng] –


A direct translation of the word “簪” [zān] refers to hairpin, while the word “缨” [yīng] refers to tassel. In the old days in China, the accomplished officials & elites wear designated pins & tassels with their headwear, similar to a badge, thus a sign of their status & place in the society.

A new proverb of the day: “钟鸣鼎食之家,诗书簪缨之族”

钟:古代乐器;鼎:古代炊器。击钟列鼎而食。形容贵族的豪华排场。 钟鸣鼎食之家,诗书簪缨之族” 是说世代为官的家族的豪华的排场

hmmm… wonder if the word “鼎” is the Teochew word “Tiah” for woks… If yes, does other dialects use this word for their cooking pans?


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