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Discovered Tips to rid of my gigantic buckets of Protein Powder

Hints to add variety to your protein drinks:

Flavor extracts or spices that do not contain sugar can be added to protein drinks for

flavor. Examples: vanilla or almond extract, cinnamon or nutmeg.

Sugar-free cocoa powder can be added to provide a chocolate flavor.

Instant decaffeinated coffee can be added to drinks or yogurt for a flavor change.

Sugar-free Tang can be added to vanilla drinks to create an orange creamsicle flavor or

try adding to an unflavored protein drink.

Sugar Free Kool-Aid or Crystal Light powder can be used to flavor protein drinks

Sugar-free syrups can be added to flavor protein drinks

If a drink tastes too thick or too sweet try adding more milk or water.

Mixing with milk provides additional protein and calcium.

Try freezing your protein drinking after preparing. This can be consumed with a spoon

as a frozen treat. Also can be made into “popsicles”.

Try adding ice to the prepared protein drink and blenderize to make a slushy.

Try mixing your protein powder with plain or sugar-free vanilla yogurt.

Try mixing protein powder into sugar-free gelatin (before it is set).


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