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Housekeeping Modus Operandi Set-up Plan

I realise one many terrible thing things about myself when doing a task is, I (wait. correct some grammer grammar) is that I

  1. must go head on and try the most obvious way without checking conditions (eeeyaoooo… ba boom! Plane crash into wall)
  2. do 1001 hours of research before doing a task that may be a 5 minute job for some super talented person (pul-lease figurratively lah)
  3. forget all the useful tips after completing the task usually 101% perfect and quite likely very late if there is a deadline
  4. re-do the above-mentioned steps when I am coerced to do the same thing, again…and again… and again… and again.

This happened in the past and I attempted to write the procedure down somewhere.  Either there was no paper/pen to write it out, “I wrote in that notebook… you know that notebook… I forgot how it looks like.”, “I vaguely remember saving in a Word document… name?… not sure…. search function?… dun have… sheesh it was in that harddisk that crashed.”

Hopefully with the technology advancement in mobile phones, apps and WordPress, I can finally put my thoughts safely in a place where I can find. Provided WordPress lives forever, the world does not end on 21st Dec 2012 & my internet access does not get cut.


Thought 1:

Cleaning Heavy Venetian Blinds









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