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Amazing Housekeeping Tools that Primadonnas MUST HAVE

After my spectacular failure to improve tremedously the general cleanliness of my Ivory Tower high up in the sky (which naturally collects plenty of dust that comes with the breezy comfort of unblocked skylines.), I went on random hunts for undiscovered treasures that will help me succeed in my battle with dust and other disgusting things that destroy my visual peace and beauty of my home.

Top Housekeeping Tools

1. Spontex Magic Sponge


Miraculous Powers:     Remove Tough Stains with only water;

Free of Harmful Chemicals;

Environmentally Friendly;

Safe for hands & skin

What sort of Tough Stains?:    ♥Luggage Wheel Marks, Ball-pen Marks, ♥Grime, ♥sticky gooey Baked Grease, & other unbelievable stains on surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramic, plastics, glass

What can I clean?:                        ♥Walls, ♥Stove, Tiles, Tables, Cabinets, Sinks, Toilets, Switches, Shoes, Car Wheels, etc

♥ – Tried and Tested by Primadonna Lee

[I personally disagree with keyboards and telephones as written on the packaging because I know it damages the keyboard when water seeps in & you need water to use this product. ]

Where did I buy it?:                    Carrefour Plaza Singapura Level 1

Turn left upon entry, walk towards escalator to Carrefour Electronics in Basement, a square inlet on the left, 1st display hook cabinet on the left, squat.  Hidden secretively at an inconspicuous corner… no point in asking their staff, especially if it is the two Chinese dudes in the basement.  You may have better luck with the Singaporean staff.

What’s the damage?:                  SGD 3.10

 2. Microfibre Cleaning Slippers (Lost the receipt, will check name again when I buy more pairs)

Miraculous Powers:             ♥ Microfibre soles on cushioned home slippers allows me to clean away all the dust, hair, spilled water on the floor while gliding around my Ivory Tower!

                                     ♥ Clean and Exercise at the same time! It is almost like ice-skating…

♥ – Tried and Tested by Primadonna Lee

Where did I buy it?:                    Giant Hypermart Tampines

Upon entry, walk straight right to the end row of departments and turn left, look for red painted word Household on the right wall, the pillar in front of the painted word – Household department hangs some home slippers, walk a little further down, you will see these delightful slippers hanging on the left.  Definitely NOT in the shoes department as directed by a listless looking staff in the Household department.

What’s the damage?:                  SGD 18.00

I will add on to my list whenever I find more amazing treasures for my Dirty Battle!


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