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Headliners! Primadonna Lee Cleaning!

WHY ME???????

I don’t care if you are jealous but I have lived my entire life with a domestic helper at home.  It is not my fault that my family employs a person to clean and since a person is employed, why don’t use her?

Unfortunately, my last domestic worker, let’s called her “Indo Salah Mee”, has decided to leave in 1 week’s notice because her mom is in hospital.  At such a short notice while waiting for her substitute, we have to do the cleaning ourselves.

Empress Dowager Lee, being almost germaphobic, (who actually cheered at the news of Miss Indo Salah Mee’s departure), has been cleaning up our ivory tower every single day because Ms ISM is extremely dirty. (Will share my horrific experience later)

Anyway, Empress Dowager Lee went for a short holiday up in the mountain of clouds and jackpot machines and she has dictated everybody to ensure the cleanliness of her Tower while she is away.

She is actually returning tonight and I have like 3 hours to clean up before I have to meet my Superman to watch his brother Spiderman’s movie.

I don’t know why but I just cannot figure out all those cleaning solutions stuffed in the store room.  I have no choice but to search online for natural cleaning solutions.  Somehow I find natural solutions more effective than chemicals.

Anyway, I have found this website that has proved to be quite useful.

In the past, I have used:-

1. baking soda to clean my teeth tea stains and it works very well. (Rub baking soda on teeth for 30seconds to a minute and brush your teeth with toothpaste immediately

2. baking soda and white vinegar to scrub a kitchen grill covered with greasy black ikky stuff, it actually turned from black to squeeky shiny silvery clean!

I have just attempted to mop the parque floor with diluted white vinegar, so we’ll see how effective (smelly?) it is later.


WARNING! DO NOT CLEAN MARBLE WITH VINEGAR!!!!!! It is gonna destroy your marble floor!  Good thing I checked before mopping my marble floor.

This weblink even teaches cheap options to care & polish your marble…

I’m facing big problems with my toilet glass doors, there are terrible marks that cannot seem to go away.  I have found this solution but have run out of vinegar.

Must try this one day…

All the things I do not know how to keep my Ivory Tower lovely and beautiful.



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